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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Keeping Pandemic Lessons Top of Mind

After over a year of quarantine, we’re all excited to put the past behind us. However, whether we like it or not, the impact of the pandemic has permanently changed how we work, how we learn, and how we communicate. In this month’s Ben’s Tips, Ben reiterates how important it is for associations to incorporate…


Our New Online Digs!

We are thrilled to introduce our new website! The site has truly been a labor of love, from the broad strokes to the tiniest details. We meticulously honed the design, accessibility, and layout of content – all to ensure it reflects who we are as people and as an organization. Here are some of the…


Client Success Stories: Hartford Medical Society Wins 2021 Merit Award for Excellence in Association Communications from ASAE

We’re proud to announce that our client, Hartford Medical Society (HMS), has been recognized by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) with a 2021 Merit Award! The Award showcases the work we did in collaboration with HMS to rebrand their website and revitalize their organization. The Gold Circle Awards competition is the premier association…


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: When No One Cares About Credit

In sports and in business, the biggest wins come from teams that selflessly work together. Watch now:   Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: No is the Second Best Answer

We all want to say yes, but don’t underestimate the power of what Ben calls the second-best answer: no! In this tip, Ben explains why he’d rather get a “no” over no answer any day: Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Onboarding During the Pandemic

How do you #onboard a new team member when most of your company is working from home? You bring the office to them! See how we make new employees feel like part of the team even when we’re apart. Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.

2. NO AND HELL NO 750x550

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: No and Hell No

If you asked Ben 6 months ago if he would allow remote work, he had two answers: “no” and “hell no!” Now, if you ask is Team Markens successful working from home, he has two answers, “yes” and “hell yes!” Why the change? Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook…


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: It’s Fun to Do the Impossible

What’s the most fun you have at work? For Ben, it’s doing the impossible! We’ve found that with the right combination of technology, #strategy, and optimism, you can surprise even yourself. Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Practice Patience — Immediately!

Is your “hair-on-fire” mentality driving you or your team nuts? In his most recent tip, Ben discusses the importance of practicing patience—immediately! Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Mathmachicken

Ben shares the legendary Mathmachicken in this week’s tip on the power of humor in virtual team-building! Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on Facebook and LinkedIn.


How I Invented the Association Management Company (AMC) Model

By Ben Markens, President and CEO It was my 50th birthday. I was at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia, and my friend, Steve, asked me to meet him for a drink. I was attending an association meeting for the industry that I had worked and consulted in for almost 30 years. The association was…


Time to Embrace the Unconventional

By Kate Smith, Vice President of Operations Throughout my professional career, I’ve always enjoyed the unconventional. From theme parks and roller coasters to sharks and the Caribbean, my background has positively shaped my approach to association management. You may wonder, how does lifeguarding or running a theme park apply to membership development? How does tagging…

6. BOURBON AND BS 650x650

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Bourbon and BS

How do you stay in touch while socially distant? Ben used to meet with his friends for “Bourbon and BS,” but now they’ve moved the fun to Zoom! Just goes to show how we can stay close even when we have to be apart. Watch now:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on…


A Note to the Community

Eight minutes, 46 seconds. According to prosecutors, that’s the amount of time that George Floyd was pinned by the neck under a white Minneapolis police officer’s knee. When I saw the video footage, like so many others across the United States, I was enraged, saddened, and deeply disturbed. Since then, the memory of George Floyd…


Remote Work Was Horribly Isolating. Then I Did This.

By Beth Reed, Office Administrator We are living in a time of isolation. While I’m thankful that TMG works with associations and nonprofits, allowing us to operate virtually, it only took a few days of remote work to realize how alone I was feeling. Yes, I had plenty of work to keep me busy: plenty…

View over female shoulder at computer webcam screen view of four different age and ethnicity business people negotiating distantly using video conference app, video call virtual communication concept

6 Tips for a Killer Association Virtual Engagement Strategy

By Irene Costello, Marketing Manager Hello COVID-19, goodbye annual conference in Florida. The shift from in-person to digital engagement in the association world has been sudden, ubiquitous, and, for some organizations, difficult. Despite challenges at the start, online programs have the potential to reach even more members than before by removing physical limitations and costs.…

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Associations Matter

Now, more than ever, we see the importance of associations. They have the power to connect and support communities even when life doesn’t go as expected. Helping these great organizations keeps our team motivated no matter what the job brings. What inspires your team? Learn more:  Like, comment, or share this week’s tip on…


How to End a Remote Workday – the Markens Way!

Associations and businesses fortunate enough to be working from home are facing new challenges: finding ways to communicate virtually, keeping active in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and getting their minds to stop focusing on work once the day is done. This can be particularly tricky if your home office is steps away from your living…