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Client Success Story: NEFMA’s Award Show Submission Growth

Jan 28, 2022

TMG recently had the pleasure of welcoming the New England Financial Association (NEFMA) to its dynamic roster of clients during the summer of 2021.

NEFMA is an association made up of leaders in the New England financial marketing community that encourages members to explore, share, expand, build, network, and enhance their abilities. They do this through facilitating educational opportunities that inspire professional growth, and by hosting events like its annual Award Show, which celebrates the best in New England financial marketing every year.

With TMG’s assistance, NEFMA was able to elevate the number of award submissions for this year’s show, increasing submissions by 18% since their last awards event in 2020. In 2020, the show garnered 110 submissions, and now under TMG’s management, the submission total for 2021 was 130. TMG was able to increase submissions substantially through email marketing, comprehensive social media campaigns, strategic outreach to financial marketing leaders, and overall compelling event branding and promotion.

Expanding the submissions for one of NEFMA’s signature events is vital for the sustainability of their association, as each submission entry is associated with a cost that helps fuel their mission to provide insightful programming, networking opportunities, and educational forums that help connect and support financial marketers.

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