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Hip Hip Hooray for National Bow Tie Day!

Aug 25, 2021

If we’re being honest, at TMG we celebrate our love for bow ties every day of the year. Lucky for us, August 28th is National Bow Tie Day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have an opportunity to share how the bow tie has shaped our brand.

If you’ve ever met our founder Ben Markens, you know why our brand has become synonymous with the symbol of the bow tie. Just like us, it’s classically professional with just a little quirky twist; we work hard, and we like to laugh, too. The bow tie represents our professional culture where team members are empowered to service clients with genuine, creative, and individualized character.

At TMG, we are committed to our clients, our community, and our uniqueness. As a growing company, we distinguish ourselves by reflecting who we are outwardly in the most authentic way possible. The bow tie aligns perfectly with our brand because our employees strive to always make a positive impression, and we never compromise who we are. We embrace our individuality and are confident in our willingness to be different.

This National Bow Tie Day, we encourage our clients and friends to think about what they’re committed to, both personally and professionally. We never rest on our laurels here at TMG; we’re committed to changing and growing, whether that means taking on new clients, expanding our reach, or trying out a new print on our beloved bow ties. Because at TMG, old-school charm meets modern-day service, wrapped in a bow (tie).

Want to celebrate bow tie day, but you’re not sure how to tie one? Let Ben teach you in the video below.

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