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    The association industry is our industry, so we know how to guide your vision and direct your resources toward effective ends. We will focus your leadership on the most pertinent and pressing issues at hand, and whatever your vision may be, we’ll realize it with the efficiency and finesse of a well-oiled machine.

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An Accredited Association Management Company

Why Use an Association Management Company?

AMCs increase associations’ value and relevance to stakeholders,
and lead organizations to greater growth and prosperity.
In fact, according to a 2015 financial impact study conducted by Brigham Young University, on average AMC-managed associations experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31 percent more growth in net revenue, regardless of the association’s size and tax status.
In addition, AMC-run associations generally have less liabilities, lower expenses, and higher surpluses than other associations. Whether you’re seeking a full service management solution or outsourced support for individual capabilities, you can rely on The Markens Group to grow your resources and relevance to members.

More on Why Choose an AMC

What We Do

We clarify your vision. We guide your leadership. We direct resources and drive change. Simply put, we guide your association or nonprofit toward success–however that may look for you.

Who We Are

TMG is an accredited association management company. Partner with us and we will shoulder the responsibilities and challenges of running your organization so that you can concentrate on realizing your association’s vision.