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About The Markens Group

You know the ins and outs of your industry—the opportunities for growth, the pitfalls to sidestep delicately. But it takes more than that to run your industry association.

That’s where the Markens Group comes in. The association industry is our industry, so we know how to guide your vision and direct your resources toward effective ends. We will focus your leadership on the most pertinent and pressing issues at hand, and whatever your vision may be, we’ll realize it with the efficiency and finesse of a well-oiled machine. This may mean that we manage just one facet of your association such as event planning. Or we can be your swift-acting executive management, your creative marketing group, your scrupulous controller, and more—a full-service team that will grow your association and give you a booming, powerful voice within your industry and the political arena.

In short, we can introduce an unmatched expertise and efficiency into your organizational operations, propelling your association toward equally unmatched growth and success.

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