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What Is An Association Management Company?


Our Work is Your Work

Association management companies (AMCs) help associations and nonprofit organizations handle their day-to-day management and logistics, so their volunteer leadership can focus on their long-term goals. We recently graced the cover of the Western Massachusetts Business Journal, BusinessWest, to discuss who we are, our business model, and how we serve as a support network to associations.

We're proud of our work. Read the story here.

How Association Management Works

When you enlist a full-service AMC, they help manage your association's day-to-day operations and administrative tasks. AMCs' expertise can be brought to all facets of your association's operations to streamline processes and save time.

If your needs are more specific, standalone services, like membership management, marketing & communications, and financial management, can fill gaps where you most need them. Similarly, AMCs can consult on short-term projects or help you create a strategic plan for your association as part of strategic deep dives with your Board of Directors.

With experience spanning 35 years across industries, TMG is ready to partner with you to guide your association to success.

The Benefits of AMCs

AMCs allow the association board to focus on what matters, ensuring that a skilled team of association management professionals handles the association's daily operations and management. AMCs also supplement existing association staff, extending the capacity and expertise of your team.

We bring industry-specific best practices to your organization to ensure everything runs smoothly. On the business side, AMCs help your association plan and meet business goals. You'll have access to AMCs' existing relationships with vendors, allowing you to tap into their network for all your specific needs. Those benefits often include greater buying power and preferred partner pricing.

The most significant benefit an AMC can bring your association, especially a strategically-focused one like TMG, is the ability to get out of the weeds and plan for the future. By opting for full-service management, your board will have more time to focus on what's essential to your association and work toward its mission and goals.


What kind of specialists do you have on staff?

Our team of talented individuals has experience that spans all specialties and industries. Many of our team members bring valuable experience from previous work with associations, while others have for-profit sector knowledge. We also have specialists who can help associations with specific services, like meeting and event management, membership management, marketing, industry affairs, in-house photography and videography, financial management, and more. Learn more about our collaborative team of association experts.

Why should I hire an AMC instead of hiring in-house positions?

When hiring in-house, it cannot be easy to find the specialists you need. New hires will typically have a specialty and won’t be able to fill multiple roles within your association. With an AMC, you can access any association expert you need, even if we need to source that specialist for you. AMCs take the headache out of staffing as we supplement your team with our experts, all in one place. Partnering with an AMC helps reduce overhead costs and streamlines your operations, so your team can focus on achieving your long-term vision.

How does partnering with an AMC work?

Partnering with an AMC typically includes a proposal, interview, transition, and day-to-day management. As you move through these stages, your team and the AMC will work together to find the best workflows, processes, and team arrangements for you and your goals.

How do I know if an AMC is right for my association?

If you’re considering working with an AMC, it’s a good idea to determine what you want from the partnership and establish potential goals. Then, finding the right partner comes with exploring the services offered and understanding the AMC’s management philosophies. Our short quiz can help determine if you’re ready to contact an AMC for support.