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Our Services

At TMG, we provide tailored solutions ranging from à la carte services to comprehensive packages. Explore our offerings below and see how we've made a positive impact on our clients.

Strategic Planning

Member Development, Engagement & Outreach

Outreach is the foundation for member engagement and organization growth—the key cog of your organization’s wheel. Our team works with your leadership to help grow membership, increase participation, and communicate regularly with members to hone programming that meets their needs.

  • We collaborate to streamline your database (AMS) management, providing an externally branded database for members while managing the transition and implementation of a new AMS.
  • We utilize marketing automation workflows to create effective prospecting initiatives, member retention campaigns, and new member campaign funnels, including a one-year track for new members.
  • Our robust member engagement strategies include a tracking system to identify each member’s engagement level - helping to proactively nurture unengaged members before they withdraw from your association.
  • We partner with your Board and staff to build a project management system specific to your association’s wants and needs.

Marketing & Communications

Industry Benchmarking & Data Reporting

We’ve seen firsthand the value of providing organization members with consequential insights, forecasts, and benchmarks. Our trained staff will confidentially collect and aggregate industry information into reports that help members benchmark their operations against the industry.   Whether it’s around wage, machine operating, or policy, we produce actionable reports to help your members compete in their marketplaces.

  • We generate benchmarking reports, conduct surveys, and provide valuable industry insights to support advocacy efforts and keep members informed about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • We conduct annual industry-wide surveys (including third-party wage compensation surveys and benchmarks) to identify emerging trends and challenges. These culminate in a comprehensive industry report offering valuable insights to members and stakeholders.
  • We transform your data and content into actionable industry insights, fostering your success.
  • Our team amplifies your reports through outreach and administration while our in-house benchmarking experts compile data. Additionally, our graphics team enhances the presentation of information, ensuring it is visually appealing and easily understandable, thereby boosting your association's perceived value.

Meetings & Event Planning

Industry Affairs

Legislation, codes, and regulations can seriously threaten your industry by imposing manufacturing, environmental, safety, or product performance standards on your industry’s products without strategic industry-related knowledge. TMG excels at helping associations address these potential challenges with our Industry Affairs experts.

  • We work hand-in-hand to promote the benefits of your association to the broader industry and beyond.
  • We foster innovation by engaging industry partners, members, manufacturers, and like-minded organizations to provide an overview of current regulations and emerging legislation that affects your industry.
  • We facilitate key messages and information to members and the broader industry through strategic communication planning. We ensure your members have enhanced industry knowledge and engagement through press releases, industry affairs newsletters with updates and member success stories, member-exclusive webinars featuring industry leaders, blog articles, op-eds, whitepapers, and social media support.
  • We work with your organization to clarify your stance on key advocacy issues, craft compelling messaging to serve as the base for future efforts, and create all forms of communication materials, collateral, speeches, talking points, and more.
  • We help coordinate and administer contractors, such as lobbyists and third-party researchers, and strengthen your industry's presence by actively seeking opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.

Executive Director &
Operational Leadership Services

Financial &
Administrative Services

Sponsor Procurement