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Our New Online Digs!

Jun 16, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce our new website! The site has truly been a labor of love, from the broad strokes to the tiniest details. We meticulously honed the design, accessibility, and layout of content – all to ensure it reflects who we are as people and as an organization. Here are some of the exciting new features to look for when visiting the site:

  • Our tagline is ‘moving associations forward,’ and now our website reflects that same sentiment. Notice the forward movement of the arrows and navigation and you’ll know when it comes to momentum, we mean business!
  • The bowtie – a symbol that runs synonymous with Ben and our organization – has been sprinkled throughout the site to add some on-brand flair. Ultimately, we are a professional organization that serves with precise execution, but we are also quirky! We like to say we’re the perfect combination of “old school charm and new school wit.”
  • Also peppered throughout the site are hand drawings by founding partner, Jennie Markens. Jennie diligently draws a portrait of each Markens Group team member, and we proudly hang her creations in the front lobby of our office for all to see. Art is infused within our company culture, and we’re proud to showcase Jennie’s art on our site!
  • Along with the improved ease of navigation, the new site also clearly showcases TMG’s services, making it easier for new faces to interact with us while also creating a better avenue for old friends to check-in.

We’re proud to re-introduce you to our brand with the new and improved!

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