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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Sub-Strategies Don’t Work

Feb 25, 2020

You can’t develop successful small-scale initiatives like marketing campaigns without first knowing your overarching goals. You know what your association needs; we’ll help you get there.

Video transcript available below:

So you know, self-diagnosis is really hard. We recently had a meeting with a local not-for-profit and they wanted to engage us to do marketing services for them and in our discovery of that, we realized that they actually didn’t have an overall strategy. It would be impossible to craft a marketing strategy if we didn’t have an overall strategy. We agreed to facilitate a couple of days of overall corporate strategy for them. Among the things that we did were SWOT: strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And interestingly enough, marketing was not one of the top five weaknesses that they had for their company.

I think what we learned from their strategy session is that they had a lot of affinity about where they wanted to go, they just needed to put it all on paper, which they hadn’t done for some time. And I think it was helpful for them to get goal congruence about what growth looked like and what resource gaps they had. You can’t do sub-strategies like marketing strategy if you don’t have an overall strategy. If you have any questions about it, feel free to give me a call. I promise to have an opinion.

Good luck. Work on your business. Stay in touch.

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