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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Collaboration Tools

Mar 3, 2020

How does your team collaborate to get work done? We recently found the right mix of tools and technology to help us communicate and boost productivity. Learn more:

Video transcript available below:

So our team has been working really hard to try to find collaboration tools and we’ve looked at a whole host of software solutions. I’d be happy to tell you the ones we looked at that didn’t work for us. But recently we found one that we’re liking called It’s a little confusing because we just had a meeting on Tuesday about Monday and I was confused about what was going on. Not really.

But then the thing that we found out was one of the deficiencies for Monday is it didn’t have what’s called a chat function. Sort of like we would instant message each other at home. Irene from our team actually found that Slack had a free tool for chat. So it requires us to have another application open but actually in the weeks we’ve been using it, I find it really useful to just be able to dash off a sentence to somebody and I don’t interrupt their day. They get it and they don’t have to respond to it instantly and the collaboration bit on Monday seems to be working pretty well for us. But I’m really interested if you have a really great collaboration tool or a really great chat tool or some other tool that’s helping your efficiency and your productivity. There’s just not enough hours in the day and we’re trying to do the best thing that we can. So let me know and if you like Monday, we’ll talk to you about it on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We don’t care.

Good luck. Work on your business. Stay in touch.

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