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What you Need to Know Before Hiring an AMC and How to Prepare your Organization

Jan 19, 2018

It can be tough to think about opening your doors to an association management company (AMC) for your organization. But when played right, association management companies are a valuable asset to provide solutions and increase revenue. This is particularly helpful if your company is experiencing growth and could use an extra lift to its internal structure. With this in mind, here’s how to hire the ideal association management company and prepare your team to work with one effectively.

The Hiring Process

To be ready for the hiring phase, select one of your own to dedicate 20 hours to the candidate search. Create a file with a list of target goals on what you would like the association management company to do for you, then focus on choosing a company specializing in those needs. Make sure the company performs background checks on its own employees and has relevant certifications. Check references and perform an onsite visit if feasible.

Details Matter

Now is not the time to be lenient on policies, as the association management company you hire must integrate with your company’s culture as smoothly as possible. Always check with your legal department before signing the initial contract, and carefully examine the terms of hiring and termination. It is prudent to review the association management company’s complete fee schedule, bonding, and insurance. Once these areas are satisfied, you can then move forward.

The Benefits of an AMC

Here’s how your staff can benefit from an association management company:

  • Opens more opportunities to focus on strategic decisions
  • Heightens staff professionalism and productivity
  • Lowers risk and increases buying power
  • Smarter time management

With this key information, an AMC is ideal for organizations who can use the extra hand.

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