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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Football & Association

Dec 13, 2019

Ben shares how social events can work to build camaraderie and promote trust at your next association meeting or event.

Video transcript available below:

So you know, there’s great power in association. We work with organizations that come together to solve common problems or to advocate together or to promote and grow an industry. Almost none of the work we do is purely social, but we find that having social events helps bring folks together to create relationships and common bonds.

Recently, between two hard days of work, we had a really nice event at a football stadium where we went and had a few beers, threw a few footballs around, had a few laughs, and built relationships so that the next day when we came back to do more hard work, there was a little bit more camaraderie and trust.

While it’s never just about the social part, the social part makes the business part richer because we have better relationships. Tell me what social activities you do and how they help your association better work together.

Good luck! Work on your business. Stay in touch.

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