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3 Ways to Make Your Boring Name Badge Useful

May 21, 2019



No matter the conference, meeting, or event, you need to create name badges for your attendees. A well-done badge is essential to streamline networking, making introductions easier and name recall seamless. What’s in a name badge? Ideally, much more than a name! Done the right way, you can transform basic name badges into a robust resource for all attendees. Here are three simple ways to get it done:

1. Make the First Name Count

Here’s a really easy one: make the first name extra-large! Remember, name badges are more for observers than wearers. Badges that can be read from afar will jumpstart interactions and networking. Supersize the font so attendees can see the first name from several feet away. It’s a simple but super effective way to up your name badge game.

2. Use Both Sides of the Name Badge

Don’t forget about the prime real estate on the back of the badge. This space is readily available to deliver attendees crucial information about the meeting. Here at TMG, we like to print the conference schedule on the back of badges for our clients’ events. That way the attendee can simply flip their name badge over to know what’s next. This tip also makes the badge more useful, encouraging attendees to remember their badge. Additionally, if the badge style you choose has an insert, we like to personalize schedules or other information for specific groups of attendees.

Check out Ben Markens’ quick video tip featuring name badges:

3. Add a Ribbon (or Two!)

We love badge ribbons! With customizable words and phrases, these add-ons can be both informative and engaging. You can use them to signify different types of attendees or those individuals who hold important roles: “Board Member,” “Sponsor,” “Staff.” You can also have some fun by adding whimsical expressions: “Glass Half Full,” “Master of Disaster,” “Chief Cheerleader,” “VP of Troublemaking,” etc. In one of our favorite icebreaker activities, attendees choose a ribbon to attach to their badges during an opening reception. Great conversation is sure to be had!

Make these small tweaks to your name badges and see a big difference at your next event! To learn more about the ways we can help your association grow and succeed, visit

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