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Tag: development

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Print Both Sides

A simple but effective tactic, printing names on both sides of a name tag can prevent a lot of awkward moments at events.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Work Smarter AND Harder

Sometimes the best results come from working harder. Other times, success comes from working smarter.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Dual Relationships

A dual relationship can impact both your personal and professional life. One example is being friends with the company’s supplier. These types of relationships shouldn’t be entirely avoided but it’s important to be aware of potential pitfalls.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Do What You Do Well

Focus on what you want to do in life and do it well.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Organized Takeaways

Defining what takeaways you want from a conference or similar event ahead of time can be a great help. By doing so, you can set goals focus in on the topics most relevant to you and get more out of …
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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Podcasts

Listening to podcasts during your commute, while walking, or anytime you find the time can have many benefits. Find topics that interest you and learn something new.