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Success Stories

Success Stories

The association was losing a key segment of its members because their unique needs were not being met.
TMG developed a specialized committee to determine what was of interest to their market segment and to promote their unique offerings to both members and the public. This committee reinvigorated a community of interest, resulting in the greatest amount of participation seen in years.

Members needed a way to better benchmark their challenges so they could target areas for improvement.
TMG added seven new benchmarking reports to their existing data programs and worked diligently to describe to members the benefits of participation. Participation in the reports has increased by 70% in just four years. Now more members have the ability to utilize this valuable data to help drive business decisions and initiate needed improvements.

The association did not have a social media presence because some of its members did not believe it held value.
TMG educated members via webinars and discussion groups on the value of social media, and then implemented a program in stages so that members could learn how to use the platforms at their own pace. The association now actively engages its members and the public through multiple social media platforms.

Previous management had operated for more than a decade with losses.
TMG’s first order of business was to restore the organization’s fiscal health by developing a conservative fiscal budget and utilizing cost-saving solutions to reduce expenses. During the economic downturn, TMG brought the association into the black in less than a year.

It was difficult for members to keep up with all the changing laws and regulations affecting their industry.
TMG reorganized and energized the organization’s government affairs and sustainability committees to provide members with the latest information on proposed legislation and regulations. TMG also developed position papers on numerous topics of special interest. Members can now easily access critical information via a news feed, weekly newsletter, white papers, and committee meetings, allowing them to be better informed and thus prepared to address coming challenges.

A new educational program for children had been implemented but had not gained traction.
TMG improved the program guide, developed new presentation materials, and implemented a robust marketing program to encourage member participation. Participation has grown by 120% in just four years and the program now educates over 15,000 students a year.

Membership was lagging under previous management.
In a targeted effort to turn this trend around, TMG developed a robust membership retention program that included a bi-annual customer satisfaction survey to pinpoint improvement opportunities. They also refocused prospect recruitment efforts with new marketing materials. TMG increased membership by 51% in just four years.

Supplier members did not have a way to present their latest products and services to converter members.
TMG organized a special breakfast at a conference, where suppliers were given the opportunity to present their latest technologies to fellow converter members.
Suppliers were so thrilled by the response that the breakfast has now become a regular annual event. It is now so popular that it is consistently overbooked.

The association did not have written policies or procedures so if staff left or went on vacation, co-workers had difficulty completing their projects.
TMG made it a priority to set and document procedures for each process and establish clear policies for how the association was to operate. Now any time a staff member is on vacation or moves to another position, their replacement knows exactly where to find the procedures for every duty they may be asked to undertake.