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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Lessons From My Dog

Oct 2, 2019

Ben shares 3 things he’s learned from having a dog. Stay tuned for Ben’s bonus tip at the end!

Video transcript available below:

Mac, our border collie, is one-year-old today, and I thought I’d do a tip about what I’ve learned from having a dog in our family. First of all, I didn’t have a dog [when I was young] and I didn’t know I was a dog person until I was in my thirties. Beth, our daughter, really begged to have a dog. For two years, she had an imaginary dog that we had to walk every day. We learned it was a lot easier to actually walk a real dog.

What I’ve learned from Mac and from his predecessors in our family is this thing that I wish I could be better at – unconditional acceptance. He is always happy to see me, and he has incredible patience. He can stare at a ball for hours, well, certainly for tens of minutes, and sort of try to levitate the ball into my hand so that I will throw it for him and play with him, and then he brings it back immediately.

Lastly, Mac just wants to be part of the team. Whatever we’re doing, he’d like to be part of the team and be part of the family. If you’re a dog person, you know that when you come home, whether you’ve had a great day or a bad day, your dog always makes you feel better.

Here’s a bonus tip from Mac and me. Mac and I were out on a walk the other day and this cat came over and the cat looked at Mac and said, “Well, you know, in ancient Egypt I was considered a God and they built statues of me and they worshiped me.” Mac thought for a minute, he looked at the cat and he said, “Well, you know, I’m a very good boy.” Good luck, work on your business. Happy birthday, Mac.

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