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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Creating Connection

Giveaways are a great way to provide value for your members while deepening connections and highlighting your creativity.

Watch Ben’s tip to see how one association has leveraged giveaways to create a longlasting impression.

Video transcript available below:

Good morning. We’re always trying to think of interesting ways that members can connect with other members and one of our associate members for an association we manage, a company called Atlas Die, about 10 years ago, started making customized coasters with a picture of the cities that they were visiting. Because this association meets twice a year, Atlas Die has now made 20 of these coasters that they hand out to all of the members.

Personally, I’m not sure how interested I was in having a coaster for the city of Baltimore, but every time I take one and now I have a collection of all 20. It’s a way that Atlas Die has provided value, and it’s also a way that Atlas Die has created a connection for themselves and their members. I think it was a really great idea. I wish I thought of it.

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