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Career Opportunity: Sales Director

Career Opportunity: Sales Director

The Markens Group, Inc

An accredited association management company. We provide outsourced professional services including strategic leadership, financial management, event planning, member services, marketing and communications, program management, website, social media, and general administration to trade associations, membership societies, and not-for- profits.

Sales Director


Motivated for sales, lead generation, lead qualification, sales planning, prospecting, selling to customer needs, closing. Superior at communication (written and oral), presentation skills, professionalism, negotiation, and creativity.


  • Identifies business opportunities by finding and qualifying prospects and evaluating their suitability
  • Manages incoming RFPs.
  • Sells by establishing contact and developing relationships with decision-makers within the target organization.
  • Works with team to develop business proposals that speak to the prospect’s needs, concerns, and objectives.
  • Handles objections by clarifying, emphasizing agreements, and working through differences to a positive conclusion.
  • Develops and implements sales strategy and quarterly calendar to meet/exceed annual sales goals.
  • Works collaboratively with marketing and administrative team on prospect outreach and follow-up activities.

Competencies and Behaviors:

  • Strategic Thinking:
    • Developing broad, long-range plans that meet goals.
    • Planning: Organizing strategies and alternatives for the future; proactive, not reactive.
    • Creativity: Ability to find innovative answers to problems.
    • Concentration: Focusing and avoiding distractions.
  • Problem Solving:
    • Defining complex problems and managing change of procedure
      and processes to solve them.
    • Communications: Giving and receiving information clearly and effectively.
    • Negotiating: Bargaining effectively. Getting the best deal without alienating others.
    • Closure: Agreeing upon and completing a course of action with others.
  • Expressiveness: Relating to others.
    • Empathy: Ability to understand and be sensitive to the needs of others.
    • Listening: Paying attention to others without superimposing your own agenda.
    • Presentation Style: Comporting oneself and communicating information in an interesting and animated manner. Enthusiastically holding others’ attention.


If you are interested in the position, please email your resume and cover letter to