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Business Planning Readiness Assessment Tool

Business Planning Readiness Assessment Tool

Are you prepared to meet the challenges, both known and unknown, that wait for you and your company just around the bend? This brief assessment tool will help you determine not only how much risk you may be facing, but how well prepared your organization is to meet it. We’d love to hear from you with any comments or questions.
– Ben Markens

Instructions: The assessment is divided into two parts – the first is your organization’s need to be able to deal with change. Need is based on three perspectives: internal and external, plus the level of volatility in your business environment. The second part measures your company’s capacity to handle change successfully.

Answer all the questions below and your results will be sent to your email. You’ll receive two score from each part and a chart. Subtotal your scores for both need and capability, then mark each on the x and y axes of the chart. Draw a line from each score to see in which quadrant they intersect. Interpretation of the results may be found below the chart.

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