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Ben Markens

President | 413-686-9199 |

Ben Markens founded The Markens Group, Inc. in 1988 as a boutique consulting practice, in which he introduced The Markens Method,™ a simplified yet sophisticated management tool once reserved for Fortune 500 companies that helps smaller organizations accomplish their goals by focusing on strategic management, operational excellence, profit planning, and job costing.

In 2008, Markens accepted an offer to manage the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), a 501(c)(6) trade association for folding carton companies. In the decades prior to approaching TMG, PPC had suffered from serious financial losses and shrinking membership. Yet in less than a year after TMG came on board, PPC enjoyed an annual surplus and has continued to do so for six consecutive years. Membership has grown more than 50%, and participation in meetings and other programs has increased by almost 100%.

Today, TMG is an AMCI ANSI-accredited association management company, and has a staff of specialists in management, finance, project planning, marketing and communications, benchmarking, and member services. TMG also maintains relationships with legal and accounting companies that specialize in non-profit organizations and association management, work with an internationally known consultancy to help vet properties for conferences, and maintain close ties with a European management association.

Lou Kornet

Vice President and Chief of Staff | 413-686-9180 |

For over fifteen years, Lou has assisted clients with their strategic planning and project management needs. Lou focuses on facilitating, team building, and training.

“It’s important to immerse yourself in the climate and culture of each organization. The more you are able to see things from the client’s perspective, the better you are able to guide them to the best solution.”

Jennie Markens

Director of  New Generation Leaders | 413-686-9199 |

Jennie is a certified Master Executive Coach and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with fifteen years experience working with individuals and groups. She has also taught and supervised in a Master’s degree program for the past eight years. Jennie is here to help, whether through team building or working with an individual executive to hone tools that motivate and inspire.

“Business tasks occur in the context of complex relationships, which can complicate matters and derail an organization’s goals. Coaching can teach executives how to get back on track and lead with confidence.3”

Emily Leonczyk

Director of Marketing | 413-686-9193 |

Emily uses her marketing savvy to help our clients succeed—whether that means growing their membership, achieving stellar conference attendance, or spreading awareness of an industry or profession. Emily understands the big picture, creates a strategy, sees through to execution, and, importantly, gets results.

Sandy Parrotta

Director of Finance and Administration | 413-285-8612 | 

Kate Smith

Director of Membership and Programs | 413-686-9183 |

Leading the Membership and Programs Department, Kate ensures that the associations we manage deliver the value they promise to their members and key stakeholders. With a strong project and event management background, Kate gets the job done with efficiency and finesse.

Brian Westerlind

Editorial Content Director | 413-686-9178 |

By creating messaging, content, and other communications materials, Brian helps our clients say exactly what they need to say. He also serves as an account manager, helping association clients to achieve their goals.

Lynn Nenni

Accountant | 413-686-9192 |

Irene Costello

Marketing Manager | 413-285-8613 |

Tessa O’Sullivan

Senior Account Manager | 413-686-9196 |

With over 25 years experience in the industry, Tessa has worked with boards and committees to meet their needs. She compiles membership directories, oversees a member programming, creates newsletters, and delivers excellent service to clients.

Evan Ciejka

Content Writer | 413-686-9185 |

Beth Reed

Office Administrator | 413-686-9610 |

Call TMG’s office any day of the week and you’ll hear Beth’s warm voice at the end of the line. In addition to helping incoming callers, Beth assists with client projects and makes sure the office runs as efficiently as possible.

Kyra Slocum

Project Assistant | 413-686-9176 |

Janice Jackson

Marketing Assistant  | 413-285-8614 |

Nancy Asche

Senior Meeting Planner |

Nancy utilizes her diverse spectrum of event planning, which varies from pharmaceutical board meetings to wealth management seminars. She has successfully executed events from in almost every major market from coast to coast in the United States as well as delivering the same results for clients in the European Union.