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Our Services

Your volunteers are passionate and driven, but do they have the time and range of specialized skills needed to run an outstanding association? With our broad-reaching expertise in all aspects of association management, marketing and publishing, and event planning, we can provide the specialized services and strategic solutions that a part-time staff simply cannot. Our outstanding communication and organizational skills, visionary leadership, cost-consciousness, and proven management experience will drive growth and move your association forward.

Our professional services include:

Association Management

Without participation in your trade association, your industry’s companies are missing out. Let our experienced team swell your ranks with a captivated and committed membership.

Event Planning

Your members want more and better programming, and The Markens Group can facilitate the value-packed conferences and meetings they’ll remember and come to expect. We have extensive experience in the entire event planning process, from contract negotiation and event promotion to on-site management and member evaluation.

Marketing & Communications

TMG’s creative team will write and design both printed pieces and online marketing initiatives. We will build your organization’s brand from the ground up, incorporating logo design, collateral materials, web design and construction.

Speaker Management

Today, members are turning to associations for educational programming. The best way to deliver? Recruit sensational speakers who give your members new knowledge and motivate them to use it!

Sponsorship Procurement

Today, members are turning to associations for educational programming. The best way to deliver? Recruit sensational speakers who give your members new knowledge and motivate them to use it!

Administrative Services

We have two conference rooms overlooking the Connecticut River that can each accommodate up to 14 people for Board or committee meetings, and feature full multimedia support, such as speakerphones, A/V, computer access, and internet hookup. For larger conferences or meetings, we have access to free training rooms in our building.We also have a fully functional reception area and an administrator who performs general reception duties. Our logistics center has high-volume copying, printing, and distribution capabilities.

Financial Management

We provide a full range of financial services, including budgeting, invoicing, collections, purchasing, accounts payable, and investments. We will develop your annual budget and regularly prepare and publish financial statements for board review. We’ll also manage financial transactions, facilitate annual accounting audits, and develop and maintain a membership dues renewal process.

Membership Services

At the heart of any successful association is a thriving and engaged membership, and at TMG we’re experts at finding members, retaining them, and keeping them satisfied.

Strategic Planning

TMG can help determine what any association can accomplish in the coming year(s), who is responsible for effecting the changes, and outline completion deadlines.

Website Design & Social Media

The Markens Group can help you coordinate your website’s content management system and regularly manage your site’s content.

Additionally, TMG can create and carry out a full social media strategy that will engage your membership across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Not-For Profits

Strategic Consulting

Business Planning

A successful strategy for the future cannot be implemented until your company’s vision has been carved, chiseled, and polished from the unformed stone of your culture. Finding your vision puts passion on paper and gives your organization direction and focus.

Profit Planning

The Profit Plan is a financial road map for the year.  A set of goals for revenue, spending, and earnings, it provides a powerful snapshot of your trajectory for annual growth that will help you to stay on the path to success and increased profits.

Behavioral Assessments

Predicting how a candidate will act in your business environment and tailoring his/her assessment to specific job requirements increases the probability of a successful hire. Added to a thoughtful interview and vetted references, results from an accurate, online behavioral assessment program will help your firm select the best and the brightest.

Breakeven Analysis

One of the most common questions a converter can ask is, “What is the most economical way to run this job through the plant?” More specifically, “At what point does it pay to switch from a less expensive, slower piece of equipment to a faster but more costly machine?” The answer can be found using breakeven analysis.

Initiative Planning

Initiative planning allows organizations to fix (close) a complex problem (gap) by setting a series of specific, time-limited, and measurable goals that represent a targeted process toward solving the final, overall issue at hand. The beauty of this method is that it allows managers to evaluate progress at any point in the problem-solving process.

Benchmark Reporting

One of the most valuable resources you can provide your membership, industry benchmarking programs collect and synthesize member data, thereby providing your members invaluable “snapshots”of overall industry performance and trends so they may compare their own performance against that of their industry as a whole.


At our profit and business planning workshops, you will work closely with our experienced team of consultants to develop tools and skills you can apply directly to your organization. Be they at your plant or our offices, our workshops give you the business planning fundamentals you need to optimize your processes and procedures…and to lead your business forward towards success.