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Career Opportunity: Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

We are an association management company that services local and national clients including professional societies, associations, and non-profit organizations. We’re looking for a detail-oriented, flexible high-achiever to join our marketing team. We work hard, and we like to laugh too.

What you’ll do:

We expect you’ll wow us with your ability to use tools like Excel and PowerPoint to track and present critical information. You’ll have an eye for layout and designing professional business-to-business materials like flyers, postcards, brochures, and direct mailings. Graphic design experience a plus, willingness to learn a requirement. You’ll be able to write professionally and use your attention to detail in proofreading content for websites, articles, newsletters, and other promotional materials. You’ll have professional social media savvy, research skills, and experience updating websites.

Every day might be different. One day you’ll be working with kids presenting a tree planting program, the next day you might be researching local podiatrists, writing social media posts, or ordering promotional materials. Priorities may shift with little notice. Because of this we’re looking for you to be flexible while maintaining attention to detail and composure. Be open to learning, being mentored, and receiving constructive criticism. At TMG we have no-blame culture—we care about improving and getting the job done.

Who is the perfect candidate for this role:

You are currently in a marketing support role and you’re a little bored in your current job. You keep getting assigned the same projects and tasks over and over – same old stuff every day. You feel constrained since you only get to work on small elements of projects compared to having larger responsibility. Perhaps, most importantly, your suggestions and creative work are not taken seriously. You probably feel you’re not using more than 50% of your capability or creative juice to make an impact. Your co-workers and the culture of the company is not what you would call a fun and supportive place to work.

Why do we describe our perfect candidate? Our environment is high energy and fast-paced, quirky and has a good sense of humor. We’re supporting multiple projects for a wide variety of associations concurrently. You’re juggling lots of different projects and different clients – the diversity and range of work is one of the most stimulating aspects of this role. You’ll be handed responsibility for leading projects – the entire scope – not just a little piece – as fast as you can grow to manage it. We’re looking for a person who is excited about being a full member of the team, having others listen to their ideas, and seeing the impact of your creativity in our client success. Finally, our staff considers our work environment to be fun, supportive, and collaborative.

If this sounds like the type of role and culture you’ve only dreamed about, send us a copy of your resume and a cover letter with a couple of examples of projects you’ve worked on recently.

Pay based on experience. $18-21/hour

To Apply:

If you are interested in the position, please email your resume and cover letter to