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Author: Brian Westerlind

3 Ways to Motivate Member Volunteers

By Tessa O’Sullivan, Senior Account Manager As an association manager, I work with passionate volunteers every day. Then, after work, I become one of those volunteers! In my personal time I serve on the executive board for the Noah Webster …
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Boards Gone Wrong!

How to do the Right Work as a Board Member Are you on an association or nonprofit Board of Directors? Take a moment to reflect. Do you find yourself spending more time volunteering than you would like or think you …
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3 Ways to Make Your Boring Name Badge Useful

                  No matter the conference, meeting, or event, you need to create name badges for your attendees. A well-done badge is essential to streamline networking, making introductions easier and name recall seamless. …
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4 Ways to Keep Your Event Program Out of the Trash

  When it comes to association conferences and events, an attractive, user-friendly program book may be the single most important material you give attendees. Done right, the event program will be a valuable resource that attendees will refer to throughout …
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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Non-Dues Revenue

Get creative with finding sources of revenue outside dues. In the process, you can create more value for all of your members.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Password Security

In today’s digital business environment, protecting your data is more important than ever. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself is by using a strong password that’s hard to guess.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: I GET to do this

Change your language from “I HAVE to…” to “I GET to…” so that you can be a more effective leader. Joe Mechlinski’s website:

Pics From Our 30th Anniversary Party

We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary with an open house at our office! We invited our community in to celebrate the milestone with us—and had some excellent food and drink, of course! Our city’s mayor, Domenic Sarno, even pronounced the day …
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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Enthusiam and Exuberance

Ben shares a powerful lesson from a late friend, A. Newth Morris III, about how exuberance and enthusiasm can benefit yourself and those around you.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Thank You for 30 Years in Business

Whether you’ve been in business 30 years or 3 years, don’t forget to take a moment to recognize those around you who’ve helped along the way.