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Fundamental Behaviors

Culture is Key

At the Markens Group, we live by a set of 13 fundamental behaviors. Our “values in action,” we consider these behaviors essential in our service to associations and our community at large.

1. We are friendly, kind, and empathic and give each other the benefit of the doubt. We say, “good morning,” “please,” and “thank you.”

2. We do our best every day. We are personally accountable and don’t make excuses.

3. We foster teamwork. We can always count on our teammates to support and defend us.

4. We always do the right (fair) thing and look for win-win solutions. We find a way to say “yes” or “yes and” with both external and internal customers.

5. We have fun, laugh, and celebrate milestones and successes.

6. We are results-oriented.

7. We complete tasks on-time or ask for help if we can’t get it done.

8. We work collaboratively to anticipate problems and solve them proactively.

9. We are relentless at providing excellent client experiences.

10. We create and re-evaluate processes for successful events and projects.

11. We encourage creative problem solving and strategic thinking.

12. Improving is about getting better, not determining blame.

13. We serve our communities