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Month: May 2018

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Lose a Client? Try this.

Lose a client? Sometimes what you need to get them back is a bag of nuts .

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Board’s Decision Making

Association boards of directors face many tough decisions. After all, the direction of the organization rests in their hands. To make things more complicated, board members have to collaborate to make decisions. That can be a challenge in itself! If …
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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: It’s Good to Have Humor

If you can’t be smart, be funny! A good joke can help lighten the mood and raise everyone’s spirits. Here’s one: What’s brown and sticky? A stick.

How to Boost Conference Attendance—Three Easy Ways

If you run an association, you understand the importance of conferences. Not only do they connect your members, they’re often an important source of revenue. So, if conference attendance is lagging, your association might be in trouble. Let’s fix that. …
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Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Give Clients Permission to Say “No”

Recruiting new members for an association is important but not always easy. Being painfully polite and pleasantly persistent can help make the process smoother.

Celebrating 30 Years of Growth, Being a Great Place to Work

2018 marks TMG’s 30th anniversary, and we are so proud of our accomplishments and growth over the years! Our region’s business journal, BusinessWest, recently wrote an excellent story about our milestone.  Check it out below!

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Boost Employee Morale this Summer

Summer Fridays can be a win-win for both employees and employers. Try it out this summer.

Ben’s Video Tip of the Week: Antitrust Obligations

For an association to be successful, it’s important to follow anti-trust guidelines. If a topic is inappropriate to discuss at a board meeting, then it’s equally inappropriate to discuss at the bar.